New Website! New Show!

Hey, we have a new website! Redesigned from the ground up. (Let’s hope this thing works without too many issues.)

But that’s not all: We’ve also got a brand new show coming soon! Selected Works is a show for everyone who loves it when under-appreciated or under-discussed books and movies (and music and art and...) get a little attention. For each episode, a Megaphonic host (or a friend of the network) will select a work that they’re eager to talk about, something that hasn’t gotten enough attention or is due for a critical re-appraisal. And we’ll assemble a panel of our hosts to have a chat about it. We’d love to hear your thoughts as well. Check out the works we've selected for the first three episodes!

Selected Works poster

Our fancy little shows

Bonus shows for our supporters

We have some special podcasts for our devoted listeners who support our shows on Patreon. A monthly chat with one of our hosts, an annual panel show about a half-forgotten movie, and bonus bits from It’s Just A Show, Fiasco Family Movie Night, and more.