Episode 30
March 25, 2019

Loud in Your Head

Claire Biddles

Hosted by Michael Collins with Claire Biddles

Claire Biddles is a writer based in Glasgow, Scotland. She’s a regular contributor to The Wire, The Line of Best Fit, and The Singles Jukebox. She writes about pop music, film, and fandom with a focus on feminist/queer readings and the politics of desire. She also edits a number of pop culture zines including the series Fuck What You Love, which features writing on pop star crushes by women and LGBTQ+ people.

Claire and Michael talk about boyband fanfiction, the thrill of confrontational femininity, meeting your heroes in a supermarket in the north of England, delayed queer adolescence, and wanting to be Quentin Crisp.

Claire’s Five Songs.

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Category Is Books, the only queer book shop in Scotland, where Claire’s zines are available

You can also find Claire’s zines here, if Glasgow is a bit of a walk!

Troye Sivan at One Week One Band, where you can read Claire's posts about it, as well as her friend Vikram writing about Troye and delayed queer adolesence.