Episode 10
February 13, 2019

My Bloody Valentine

Hosted by Adam Clarke and Sarah Chamberlain

My Bloody Valentine may be a slasher movie where a miner delivers candy-heart boxes with real human hearts in them, but Sarah & Adam discover that the film is more interested in the isolation and disappointment of leaving and returning to your hometown. Also, the joys of gore, yelling at Siskel & Ebert, MBV’s now-forgotten 3-D remake, and the best end credits songs featured in slasher films. Oh, and we managed to get through the whole podcast without referencing Loveless. Until now. Oops.

Note: for this episode, your horrible and humble hosts watched the uncut version of My Bloody Valentine that was rediscovered and released in 2009, not the R-rated cut that had been the only version available in theatres and home video prior to the 2009 DVD.

Show Notes.

Trailer. IMDB. Wiki.

Cape Breton Post article on My Bloody Valentine’s filming in the Sydney Mines.

Sarah & Adam’s slasher end credits song playlist:

Our episode on Cannibal Girls.

The Last Polka.

“Lobster pot syndrome” must be an extremely local Newfoundland thing because Google turns only up results about Japan and heart disease. According to Wikipedia (source of all sea fauna facts), Adam is referring to Crab Mentality.

A visual guide to the differences between the R-rated and uncut releases. It’s NSFW unless you work somewhere cool.

The trailers from Grindhouse.

The Beast Must Die—a film that stops for the audience to guess the identity of the mystery werewolf during the “werewolf break”.

The Canadian Motion Picture Rating System.

The boiling scene from Sleepaway Camp (NSFW unless you work somewhere cool).

Siskel & Ebert on My Bloody Valentine.

Women in Danger special.

The Legend Of Hammy Hamster & Friends.

Urban Legend.

The infamous “meat grinder” cover of Hustler (not Penthouse) and its impact on culture.

The 2009 remake of MBV in 3-D.

Friday The 13th Part 3 was also in 3-D.

Tom Atkins.

Friday The 13th 2009.

Derek Mears, the 2009 Jason Voorhees.

Derek Mears in Twin Peaks.

Unfriended and Unfriended 2: Dark Web.

Trailer for the next film we’ll be discussing.