Episode Guide

Adam Clarke spent a year asking people for their most interesting story. He heard fascinating tales about mysterious illnesses and frozen guinea pigs, about getting divorced and giving birth, about writing romance novels and one-woman shows, and more.

1.Jen Wrote for a Fake Magazine.

Jen Reeves gives Adam the inside scoop on writing for a non-existent magazine.

2.Harrison Had a Headache.

Harrison Wheeler tells Adam of a mystery flu that left doctors baffled.

5.Jessica Is Not “Spiritual”.

Jessica Ritchey (critic and essayist for rogerebert.com), tells Adam how Big Bird became her God-killer.

6.Jordan Was a Pumpkinhead.

Comedian and podcaster Jordan Scherer tells Adam about being a cringey youth.

7.Sarah Put Dave on Ice.

She’s a comedian. She’s a painter. She’s a cartoonist. She’s Sarah Walsh and she can’t wait to tell you why she has a guinea pig in her freezer.

8.Juanita Wrestles Romance and the Woman Always Wins.

Author Juanita Critch (In the Boss’ Bed, Eye of the Beholder) tells Adam how she got her start as an author by writing romance.

9.Seamus Got Busy Livin’.

Author Seamus Heffernan (Napalm Hearts) tells Adam about post-divorce life and how it fuelled him to write his novel.

10.Mikaela Is a One-Woman Dynamo.

Actor-producer Mikaela Dyke sits down with Adam to discuss her one-woman show, Dying Hard.

11.Beth Birthed.

Adam’s It’s Just A Show co-host Dr. Beth talks about motherhood, teen snobbery, and doula pregnancy coaches.

12.Bill’s Intense Feeling of Wrongness.

Crime reporter Bill Dunphy (Hamilton Spectator, Toronto Sun) tells Adam of a murder, but that’s only one part of the story.