Episode Guide

Most episodes of The Opposite Of Lonely have host Nadia Halim joined by two guests to discuss that episode’s topic — like being “willfully single”, moving to a new city, or getting through the holidays. A few episodes went on location to artist retreats or shared housing experiments. Come hang out Nadia and her guests as they navigate how to create community and social connection these days.


Dylan Reid and Wendy Banks join Nadia to talk about confraternities, libraries, and whether socializing was simpler for our parents.


Can you be friends with your adult siblings? Dr. Vanessa Lehan and Daniel Rotsztain join Nadia to talk about their sibling relationships.

3.Sociability and the Single Woman.

Sabrina and Melissa join Nadia to discuss being “willfully single”, making close friends when you’re past your twenties, and how being single isn’t the same as being alone.

4.Social Awkwardness.

Michael and Rebecca join Nadia to discuss theories of awkwardness, how it's different from bullying, and the connection between social awkwardness and comedy.

5.Talking to Strangers.

Anesh Daya (On the Spot Language) and Robbie Stokes Jr. (The I Talk To Strangers Foundation) join Nadia to chat about the great things that can happen when people start talking to each other; the things that can go wrong, and how to handle them; and the best way to start a conversation.

6.Parties for Non-Partiers.

Diane Campbell and Chris Piuma join Nadia in being ambivalent about the whole party thing. So, for non-party people, what makes a party actually enjoyable?

7.New in Town.

You’re moving to a new city! It’s an exciting chance to start fresh, maybe re-invent yourself a bit with a whole new social circle. But are you going to lose the friends you made in the last place you lived? And how will you start meeting new people? Eva Amsen and Daniel Price join Nadia to discuss.

8.Having a Baby.

Beth Martin and Allysun Welburn join Nadia to discuss their experiences with childbirth and new motherhood.

9.Artscape Gibraltar Point.

We visit Artscape Gibraltar Point, an artists residency on Toronto Island, and sit down with Julia Tausch and Anna Synenko on getting away from it all—but not, you know, too far away.

10.Working Arrangements that Work.

Ange Friesen and Jessica Taylor join Nadia to discuss co-working spaces, “awkward digital coffee dates”, and their ideal workspaces.

11.The Holiday Episode.

Writer Shari Kasman and podcaster Chris Piuma join Nadia to talk about strategies for getting through—and maybe even enjoying—the holidays.

12.Music Scenes.

Toronto-based musicians Simon Borer and Kristin Fung join Nadia to discuss how music has always been a part of how they connect with other people.

13.Walking Conversations.

Dylan Reid and Juan Gonzalez-Calcaneo join Nadia to talk about urban exploration, pedestrian advocacy, and Jane's Walk.

14.Asking Deep Questions.

Jan Keck designed the Ask Deep Questions deck as a tool for getting past small talk into meaningful conversations. Nadia invites some friends of the show on to test it out.

15.What Makes a Co-House a Co-Home?

Early in 2018, six friends pooled their resources, bought a house together in Toronto, and formed a small intentional community. A little over a year later, producer Chris and I went there to learn about their approach to creating a harmonious and supportive home.