Episode Guide

Tim Lehnerer and S Frost are the Fiasco Family. They have seen a lot of films, and they have some things to say about them. Every episode of Fiasco Family Movie Night focuses on a film that they feel warrants discussion. Some are well-known, others more niche, but all are special to them.

59b.Bonus: The Satanic Panic.

The Fiasco Family is joined by Bill Smiley to talk about moral panics, evidence of satanic rituals, and why Sean still holds a grudge against Tom Hanks.

59.Ernest Borgnine’s Goatsona: The Devil’s Rain.

The Fiasco Family ponders the Devil’s Yearbook as they discuss the 1975 horror flop The Devil’s Rain.

58b.Bonus: Mike Bockoven on Starship Troopers.

Mike Bockoven returns to help the Fiascos determine how improbable it is that Starship Troopers turned out to be brilliant satire.

58.Would You Like to Know More?: Starship Troopers.

The Fiascos sign up to earn their citizenship and tour the healing tank facilities as they contemplate Paul Verhoeven’s upside-down adaptation Starship Troopers (1997).

57b.Bonus: Melissa Kaercher on Hudson Hawk.

The Fiascos bring back Melissa Kaercher to talk more about the making of a flop. Buckle up for more discussion of Hudson Hawk!

57.A Pie Chart Instead of a Pie Fight: Hudson Hawk.

The Fiascos understand hubris, and sometimes they even admire it. This time they chase the hawk—Hudson Hawk (1991)—and try to uncover what went wrong… and what went weirdly right!

56.A Real Incoherent Breakdown of Reality: Waxworks.

Paul Leni and Leo Birinsky’s Waxworks (1924).

55.Agatha Christie is Kind of Like Taco Bell: Witness for the Prosecution.

The Fiascos watch the proceedings in a sensational courtroom drama, in Billy Wilder's Agatha Christie's Witness for the Prosecution (1957).

54.Nuclear Family Fission: Panic in Year Zero.

The Fiascos detect radioactivity from the breakdown of the American family in Ray Milland’s 1962 apocalyptic film Panic in Year Zero. It’s the perfect cheery note to start off our 3rd season!

53b.Special Episode: Announcements, Questions, and Answers, Oh My!

The Fiascos have some announcements about changes for their 3rd season! They also spend considerable time answering a few questions from listeners.

53.I Can’t Bleep All This Cussing: God Told Me To.

The Fiascos are joined by Melissa Kaercher to end their second season by discussing Larry Cohen’s 1976 alien messiah movie God Told Me To. It’s going to get a little grind-housey.

52.Sean Has a Yarn Board: The Testament of Dr. Mabuse.

The Fiascos try to unravel the place of the evil Dr. Mabuse in the history of masterminds, as they cover the banned 1933 film The Testament of Dr. Mabuse.

51.Hold Your Horses, Warts and All: Witchfinder General.

Michael Reeves’ Witchfinder General (1968): It’s not the Vincent Price performance you want; it’s the one you didn't know you needed.

50.Twilight of the Gods: The King of Kong.

Two players vie for the lowest stakes imaginable in the 2007 documentary The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters.

49.Like Criterion But Weird: The Love Witch.

The Fiascos take afternoon tea to chat about Anna Biller’s magical 2016 film, The Love Witch.

48.Looking Fabulous and Killing Fabulous: Sugar Hill (w/ Hilary Braley).

Hilary Braley joins the Fiascos to talk about voodoo and vengeance in the high octane zombie film Sugar Hill.

47.Rube Goldberg Machine of Despair: Brand Upon the Brain!

Tim Gerolami guests as the Fiascos discuss Guy Maddin’s 2006 film Brand Upon the Brain! It’s 97% true! Emotionally.

46.When Pods Collide: Roar.

The Atomic Weight of Cheese crew joins the Fiascos to try to make sense of the cinematic debacle Roar, a film that proved that maybe you should not film with untrained animals or filmmakers.

45.For the Next Hour: F for Fake.

Fact is fiction and fiction may as well be truth in this documentary about deception by Orson Welles.

44.Well-Intentioned: The Legend of Hillbilly John.

The Fiasco Brothers pile into their bus and head to the Appalachians for the anthology film about the cult fiction hero, The Legend of Hillbilly John!

43.The Cake Is the Spaceship: Good Bye, Lenin!

The Fiasco Brothers cross the Iron Curtain to learn about the bittersweet reunification comedy Good Bye, Lenin!

42.That Ain’t Me: Street Smart.

A long overdue Hollywood break, an Oscar nod for Cannon films, and a super-Faustian bargain are discussed when The Fiasco Brothers watch Street Smart.

41.Reasonable Facsimile: Streets of Fire.

In 1984, history was made. A Walter Hill film flopped. With the assistance of Chad Plambeck of The Atomic Weight of Cheese, we take a tour of the Streets of Fire and discuss what went wrong, what went right, and why we love it.

40.Emmett Myers Eyes: The Hitch-Hiker.

The Fiasco Brothers pack up their fishing gear and pick up a stranger for a tense ride through the desert as they discuss Ida Lupino’s 1953 noir classic The Hitch-Hiker.

39.Purple Punisher: The Phantom.

It's the box-office disaster that you'll welcome onto your screen, The Phantom.

38.Mostly Armless: The Unknown.

The Fiasco Brothers are always up for some ill-advised plans, and there are plenty to be had in Tod Browning’s silent classic The Unknown, starring Lon Chaney.

37.Working Together: Sneakers.

Pay attention to the sounds around you, and don’t bend any rules. Everything’s vulnerable when the Sneakers are around!

36.The Pursuit of Humanity: The Brother from Another Planet.

Trim your toenails and bring out your broken appliances! This time The Fiasco Brothers watch John Sayles’ 1984 low-budget science fiction exploration of humanity The Brother from Another Planet.

35.Post-Production Magic: The Making of “...And God Spoke”.

The Fiasco Brothers watch the docu-comedy The Making of “...And God Spoke”, which portrays sleazy filmmakers attempting to make a Bible picture.

34.Cashing in on a Cult: Shock Treatment.

Get ready to hit the buzzer! This time The Fiasco Brothers take a look at TV as reality in Shock Treatment, the 1983 sequel to The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

33.Here I’m an Amateur: Time After Time.

The Fiasco Brothers dust off their wayback machine and watch Time After Time, in which H.G. Wells pursues Jack the Ripper, who stole his time machine. No, really.

32.Drinking to Defeat: Dial M for Murder.

The Fiasco Brothers plan the perfect podcast episode, but everything begins to unravel when they start discussing 1954’s Dial M for Murder and get stabbed by Grace Kelly with a pair of scissors.

31.Working for Gas Cards: Hollywood Shuffle.

The Fiasco Brothers dive back into independent film to watch Robert Townsend’s 1987 debut directorial film Hollywood Shuffle.

30.The Old Matinee Soft-Sell: The Boy Friend.

The Fiasco Brothers raise the curtain on Ken Russell's 1971 musical The Boy Friend. It's not what you expect from a Ken Russell film, although one nun does throw off her habit.

29.Hurting All the Feelings: C.S.A.: The Confederate States of America.

The Fiasco Brothers discuss Kevin Willmott’s 2004 alternate-history documentary C.S.A.: The Confederate States of America. Heavy content warnings on this one!

28.The Freudian Fallacy: Peeping Tom.

The Fiasco Brothers return for a second season, discussing the career-ending Freudian thriller Peeping Tom (1960).

27.Not a Ken Russell Budget: The Apple.

For our 1st season finale, we called in film writer Jessica Ritchey to talk about the politics of doomsday religions and Cannon Film’s disco freakout musical about the endtimes The Apple.

26.Always Dignity: Singin’ in the Rain.

The Fiasco Brothers put on their best wool suits and leave their umbrellas behind to jump into Singin’ in the Rain and splash around.

25.If Only the Brooklyn Guy Weighed Enough: Destination Moon.

The Fiasco Brothers strap themselves into their gravity couches for the Oscar-winning 1950 space extravaganza Destination Moon!

24.It’s All Still Here!: Matinee.

With the learned assistance of Melissa Kaercher (of A Reel Education and Xanadu Cinema Pleasuredome), the Fiasco Brothers discuss Joe Dante’s homage to fright flicks and hoopla Matinee.

23.It’s the Russians: The Thief.

The Fiasco Brothers implement a complex smuggling operation to disclose information about the silent 1952 noir film The Thief, starring Ray Milland and his sweaty brow.

22.Schoolyard Gender Dynamics: The American Astronaut.

The Fiasco Brothers pony up to the bar to discuss the black and white space musical about gender roles The American Astronaut.

21.Tragic Relief: The Return of the Living Dead.

Bryan Clark of Attack of the Killer Podcast joins the Fiasco Brothers to praise and rebury The Return of the Living Dead.

20.The Rube Goldberg of Murder: The Abominable Dr. Phibes.

The Fiasco Brothers buckle their seatbelts and put on their rain ponchos for the splatter-comedy The Abominable Dr. Phibes, starring everyone’s favorite ghoul—Vincent Price!

19.A Lot of Shawshank Before the Redemption: Honeydripper.

The Fiasco Brothers discuss the 2007 movie Honeydripper, a character driven movie by John Sayles that deserved to have had a much bigger audience.

18.That’s How You Get Beef: Phantom of the Paradise.

The Fiasco Brothers put on their bird masks and capes to skulk about Brian De Palma's deliciously weird horror musical Phantom of the Paradise.

17.The Full Bostwick: Megaforce.

The Fiasco Brothers dive headlong into explosions and mood lighting with Hal Needham's 1982 flop Megaforce.

16.There Are So Many Rules: Demon Knight.

The Fiasco Brothers examine Tales from the Crypt: Demon Knight, the movie that should have launched an incredible film franchise.

15.But the Pen Nibs Are So Shiny: Cash on Demand.

The Fiasco Brothers enlist Dave Thomas’s help to discuss Cash on Demand, the 1961 Hammer crime thriller that plays out like A Christmas Carol.

14.Follow the Leader: Colossus: The Forbin Project.

The Fiasco Brothers learn to stop worrying and love their mechanical master’s voice as they discuss 1970’s Colossus: The Forbin Project.

13.The Presence of Pleasence: Raw Meat.

The Fiasco Brothers welcome back Adam Clarke of It’s Just A Show to talk about Donald Pleasence, The Twilight Zone, and cannibalism as we examine the 1972 film Raw Meat!

12.The Sound Stage Jungle: Congo.

Pack your hiking boots and machetes, we're going into the jungle for the film adaptation of Michael Crichton's Congo!

11.I Can Cope in Today’s World: Truth or Dare?: A Critical Madness.

The Fiasco Brothers take a look at a film that has been amusing Tim for over 30 years.

10.A Comedy of Terrorists: Four Lions.

The Fiasco Brothers explore inappropriate comedy, with the 2010 terrorist comedy Four Lions.

9.My Roscoe Goes Ka-Chee!: Death Wish 3.

The Fiasco Brothers are joined by Adam Clarke and T.A. Gerolami in this very special episode about cult favorite Death Wish 3.

8.Previous Revenant Experience a Plus: Tales from the Hood.

The Fiasco Brothers examine the 1995 anthology Tales from the Hood and discuss political filmmaking, the anthology format, and the pitter-patter of murderous little feet.

7.We Have Top Men Working on It: Quatermass and the Pit.

Tim and Sean dig into the classic Hammer film Quatermass and the Pit.

6.What the Heck Is My Brain Even Doing?: Vampyr.

The Fiasco Brothers watch the 1932 film Vampyr and discuss dream logic, practical effects, and silent movie techniques.

5.Stealing Pipes from Offices: The Spook Who Sat by the Door.

Tim and Sean watch the 1973 film The Spook Who Sat by the Door, a movie so incendiary that the distributing studio ordered all copies returned for destruction!

4.I’ll Be There in a Minute!: Telstar.

The Fiasco Brothers discuss Telstar: The Joe Meek Story and how it differs from the standard biopic narrative.

3.People in Glass Houses: Truck Turner.

The Fiasco Brothers watch Truck Turner and discuss the importance of loud jackets, revolvers, and cursing like a sailor.

2.The Quiet Intimacy of Death: A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night.

The Fiasco Brothers discuss A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night and its emphasis on imagery over dialog.

1.Surrounded by Isopods: April Ghouls Monster-Rama 2017.

The Fiasco Brothers discuss their trip to see 8 horror movies at a Pennsylvania drive-in.